Famous Stars and Straps – Chuey Seal Mens t-shirt + Population NE 9fifty snapback

We have a couple of pieces from Famous Stars and Straps collection today that are ready to detonate. We are talking about Chuey Seal mens t-shirt together with Population New Era 9fifty snapback. The brand from Los Angeles that never ceases to amaze true fans of a fast life made of cars, beats, women and California easy living, never stops. Famous just presented the other day its collaboration with Greg Mishka at the skateshop of all skateshops in LA, the infamous Brooklyn Projects but today we deal with the collaboration of another artist that gets all the love of tattoo fans: Chuey Quintanar. Not stranger to collaborations with this brand, Chuey put together all his cholo imagery and thanks to his gifted touch we have a hood version of the Virgin Mary wearing a flannel, creased Dickies and Cortez. In this seal you can also find a car in three wheel motion, a couple of laugh now/cry later masks, a pitbull, a tattoo machine and an uzi. Pretty G, if you ask me. To complete Claudia C outfit, Nitro Distribution sent in a steaming hot cap. Population New Era 9fifty goes as hard as the tee: a black on black Badge Of Honor (so is called the big F with the star) and a sublimated print of the city of Los Angeles make this piece a snapback not to miss, especially if you already know the standard of quality that New Era got you used to. It’s time to show your California love to those that don’t understand what it’s all about: you will turn them into believers…
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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