Famous Stars and Straps – Homegrown Bucket hat

You want people to care about you but as they say at Famous Stars and Straps in their official hashtag “nobody cares, go harder“. What can you do to go harder? If you are an mc you should write tighter rhymes and get real live on stage like Yelawolf does, if you are a shop you should get nicer clothing to get your customers psyched on your range but what to do if you are an headwear fanatic? Your next step is the following: go for a bucket hat. What is hard to find in this field is the perfect shape. Personally I don’t like long brims, I’m all about short ones. Same for colorful caps. My age got me accustomed with time with more discreet colorways and this black and white pattern is appealing to me. To add a little more to this scenario (you know it’s always a matter of details, no matter the item) that ribbon all over the crown in a Panama style adds a little class to a fine piece of headwear. Famous made this pattern for all the weed lovers out there that want to send out a hidden message to people with the same passion, probably. Our Beatrice S doesn’t have such habit but looks great with this cap. See? You just realized it: she went harder so… you are caring. This Homegrown Bucket hat has the same shape of bucket that Salmo skull is wearing on its own Famous T-shirt. If you too want to go harder you have no choice: tell your shop to contact Nitro Distribution or you’re destined to go softer… Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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