Famous Stars and Straps – Representin snapback

If you really care about headwear you are welcome, my dear reader. Some cap fans are worshipping a headwear brand, others a particular shape, while some others search for innovation: the newer, the better. In all this let’s not forget that there are some dudes that just want to rep a brand in a way that is blending with their style. A guy from Compton won’t have the same interests of another guy that is shopping on Fairfax avenue in Los Angeles looking for the latest trends. As you know Famous Stars and Straps fan base includes all the above and much more. I didn’t mention those places by accident: don’t you think that this snapback looks like the cap that was always on the head of Eazy-E? That Old English font is reminiscing of the Compton snapback of the NWA OG. Keeping it “basic with attitude” is the recipe of this cap on the head of Mickey H. Dressed in all black or with a flannel and denims, it doesn’t matter much, because the Representin snapback is easy to love. With a low crown and a squared visor, the 3dimensional embroidery on the front stands out as it should. See, this cap is like Famous Faux-dega at the last Agenda: among a bunch of sterile booths, Famous brought an inner city element from the street like the faux bodega that you have on the corner. This cap stands out with the same realness. What do you want to wear on your head? Ask to Nitro Distribution to know more (and leave fake brands out the door…).

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