Famous Stars and Straps – Single Alpine snapback + Big Sleeps tank

You know it by now: Famous Stars and Straps is no stranger to ill streetstyle outfits. If you feel like representing a rebellious California way of life, you can rely on this brand. Shock value blends with an authentic lifestyle based on hood aesthetics. According to those Rakim lyrics that go like “It ain’t where you from, it’s where you at” I tested if these pieces are good for the heart of Milan, with the help of my homegirl Chiara B. Single Alpine snapback is similar to the Salute New Era 59fifty by this brand that we already saw here. The front of the crown looks the same but the visor is completely different, more on the early Suicidal Tendencies cholo style. What could make this outfit complete more than a Big Sleeps tank? This writer and tattoo artist part of the Famous Family embodies the style of this brand. The reputation of his research on lettering goes beyond this collaboration with Famous and precedes his name with a worldwide fame. Big Sleeps left a permanent mark on this brand, being our man responsible for a big wall all written in his trademark style at Famous headquarters. More recently he even left a mark on Famous boss, Travis Barker during last Agenda Long Beach with a “Trigz” tattoo. Once again this brand gives you its realness while others fake the funk. Which side are you on? Keep an eye on this brand by Nitro Distribution as its Spring 15 collection is about to be delivered to the best streetwear stores in Italy.

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