Famous Stars and Straps – Thug Mag t-shirt

Is there anything that we need to add to “Thug Life”? These words made famous by Tupac Shakur tattoo represent the state of mind of hundred thousands people around the planet. Every borough, every ghetto across the world knows the true meaning of these two words. Famous Stars and Straps stays close to street level with this t-shirt that Valeria C is wearing. The Old English font above gives strength to the meaning of these words and the Badge Of Honor of the F makes unmistakably understand what this t-shirt is all about. Desperate times, desperate measures? It seems like it’s the case here but to represent with awareness your way of life it’s the best way to react. In a black, white and red timeless color palette, you can wear Thug Mag t-shirt regardless of what the flavor of the season is. At Famous they seem to have a sensibility towards street style that goes beyond trends, creating timeless items. True is that at the same time the collections have gone through an evolution where even hypebeasts can find their niche and pick up some pieces that are more current. How could it be different: Famous team of designers and marketing people are attracted by what is fresh and new and living the same passions that we feel. This means fast life, loud music and a louder style that reflects California living. Ready to party or struggling with your hustle, it doesn’t matter much: you know that you can count on Nitro Distribution for any Famous related inquiry. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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