Famous Stars And Straps ● Static Staple raglan

Raglan tees and Tiffany green when you talk streetwear in 2014 is like saying to a skater ledges and banks: it all starts from that. From Famous Stars and Straps, the brand you learned to love here on The Maxiemillion, comes a must of the season. I told you everything about the raglan already, don’t you remember? What makes the difference here is a matter of where you belong. With this piece that Susy B is wearing you enter officially the most cool and dysfunctional family on this planet: the Famous Family. Screen printed in that Tiffany green that drives everybody crazy these days, this 3/4 length t-shirt called Static Staple raglan is one of the many t-shirts available of this kind. This brand is truly unique as there is always something cooking work mentioning. The Famous Fam is a worldwide posse whose top member, Travis Barker, keeps a West Coast tradition alive: he’s always into something. It may be his car as a first prize for Tilly’s customers or like more recently his appearance behind the drum set at Los Angeles House of Blues with YG performing, Travis knows what’s up. It’s not only fun and games at Famous, because even if it’s a brand revolving around the fast life, homies got soul like James Brown. Did you peep the street action they put together outside Staple Stadium when Sterling had that racist comment about Magic Johnson? Famous does the right thing and you should do it too: talk about this brand to your shop owner and make him get in touch with Nitro Distribution.

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