“Vocals, vocabulary, your verses, you’re stuck in/the mic is a drano, volcanoes erupting” (Rakim)

I reviewed quite a few caps since the beginning of this fantastic voyage called The Maxiemillion. The thing is that I never have enough of caps, especially when I’m in front of a piece that drips flavor like this Famous Stars and Straps piece. We saw a cap that was in the same spirit a couple of months ago, with a black and white Hibiscus print under the visor but here the contrast is way stronger. In a ying yang logic to pair a rough black and grey pattern with the sweet simplicity of flowers in bloom is a great concept in itself. This is how Famous gives its own version of the ever-present floral pattern visor that is on top of the charts this summer. Add to this the almighty Badge of Honor that you see in the center of the crown in a matte black that shows how you love bangin’ music and fast life, like a true member of the Famous Family. I’m sure that men in black of the whole streetwear world would nod their head in agreement when in front of this Island Eruption snapback that Elisa G is wearing here. Enough cap talking for now. If you want further information on this brand, just ask to the kind people at Nitro Distribution. Now that you are done reading this, don’t forget to enter Famous Stars and Straps Instagram contest. If you repost the image on their profile that celebrates 100.000 followers together with the hashtag #famous100k stating why you should win, the first prize is a trip to Los Angeles, beside a bunch of Famous gear. Don’t hesitate: California awaits.

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