“Since two tone Lee’s, these new phonies is boney hoes” (King Geedorah)

In headwear lingo when you have a two tone you are talking about a piece where usually the crown is realized in one color and the visor, plastic closure and top button are made of another color. It’s one of the most common designs that a lot of people enjoy and keep on buying together with monochromatic caps.

Famous Stars and Straps knows this, so why should they dress their fans all in the same way?! Famous represents to the fullest the freedom of expression. You can be all you want when you wear this Californian dream. Rap fans and punks enjoying the same brand?

It doesn’t happen very often but once you have the street as a common terrain, all these forces join Famous roster of musicians, skaters, fmx riders and artists to build a worldwide cohesive family. Do you like loud gear? There is a lot for you to pick up.

Do you like to be seen but in a subtle way? This Official BOH 2 Tone snapback may meet your standards then. One of the most discreet pieces of the extensive headwear collection that this brand serves you every season, this color combination is ready for some sneaker/cap matching, considering how en vogue aqua green is in footwear as well.

As you can see from the pictures of Lucrezia R this snapback has a short crown that looks great on her. Nitro Distribution is now in charge of this brand for the Italian territory and I truly can’t wait to see Famous Stars and Straps take the position it deserves in the street scene.

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