“This ain’t no fu***n’ joke, this sh*t is real to me/I’m Ice-T, OG” (Ice-T)

If there is an OG in the streetwear game, this must be Famous Stars and Straps. For those that aren’t familiar with the street lingo, OG stands for Original Gangster and by natural extension it became not necessarily related to gang slang but it means simply Original, or Old School if you prefer. Not many brands can claim to their name such a longevity but there is more than this. The Californian brand that appeals to tattoo fans, hip hoppers and punks alike is not only more mature than your favorite brand but it’s about a sense of family that is very rare. From the founder and CEO Travis Barker to the Street Team members, when you feel this brand you can’t do nothing but stay loyal and enjoy this sense of belonging to a worldwide family where fun, loud styles and louder music are its core values. The Famous Family just did his thing in Berlin at Bright here in Europe, while almost simultaneously they are at The Agenda Show in Long Beach in the United States. The Family is all excited to see Travis Barker Lincoln Continental in front of the booth with an ill Mexican pattern. On subject of patterns, don’t forget to check the paisley design of this OG Fam Mens tee that you see in the fourth picture. The t-shirt that Valentina Z is rockin’ is all about family values: how can you miss this if you are a true OG?! Get in touch with Nitro Distribution to get the 411 on the latest updates concerning Famous in Italy.

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