Famous Stars and Straps ● One Of The Family t-shirt

Whose brand loves family more than Famous Stars and Straps does?! Famous family is all up in the news in the latest Transworld Business posts with a smashin’ piece featuring a detailed gallery of what goes down around their headquarters and an interview with Bill Gage, Famous Stars and Straps President. This brand is going through a neat style evolution yet there’s talking of stayin’ true to the brand roots and this only makes sense with the One of The Family t-shirt that Marie P is wearing today. Family is always been a must as a concept to work on for Famous t-shirts and caps, for years. Could you expect now that Famous could leave you now without a camouflage version? No, of course you can count on your family. You can count on thefamousshop.com to give you deals on this t-shirt and many more. If you prefer you can get your hands on the first pieces of the fall winter 2013 collection. This means that if you have seen a Famous piece on Scoop Deville in his latest live clip or you prefer the MSA All Day tee that Tyson Rossi is wearing in that Spring 2014 preview on Baller Status, on thefamousshop.com you can find them. This family is getting larger and larger as here in Italy Michele Salini was seen skating around in Famous Stars and Straps gear. Somebody was filming too and this shall lead you to wait a crispy edit coming out in September. Such a big Family, so many things to say, it’s like time and space are never enough. Just stay tuned: there’s only one Maxiemillion family.

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