“Will you make the right choice and clean your act up/or make them itchy trigger fingers call for backup?” (CL Smooth)

Snapbacks seem to be more and more relevant these days: I posted quite a few lately and the flow doesn’t seem to stop. It seems that to rock such a cap is the right choice these days. In the case of this Famous Stars and Straps piece it sure is: the name of this cap that you are looking at is Right Choice snapback.

Trust me when I say that this Yupoong Classic Snapback is the first one ever that I see with a label sewn in the area where the corner of the visor is stitched to the crown. This may be a detail to some but to others it may be very important. I fall in the second category, obviously. Headwear is an exact science to me.

Those of you that can’t go out without a camouflage pattern in their outfit will go classic here as the Woodland Camo of the contrast visor is well familiar to them. How can you beat a black cap with a touch of camouflage like this.

No matter if you love punk like Travis Barker, if you are deeply into hip hop like Grammy Awards winner producer Scoop Deville or if you’re the girl next door like our model of the day Susy B: this snapback rules regardless of your style.

But if you really don’t like it it’s not a big deal: the headwear section in any Famous collection is always full of gems. Ask about what I said to the Italian distributor at Nitro Distribution and listen what they have to say to you.

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