“My hood stay tense, loyalty puts strength in my team/’cause ni**az main concern is cream” (GZA)

Loyalty is a main concept in Famous Stars and Straps philosophy. By definition “Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.”

In this specific case loyalty makes you family so let’s get deep on the concept on this Splatter crewneck that Lucrezia R is wearing. The head of the family is no doubt our man Travis Barker. Cooler than a polar bear toenails, he couldn’t care less about definitions because as soon as a definition tries to trap him, he already escaped and reached the next level.

I don’t know many punks that support hip hop thinking that it’s fresh since it’s a music born in the streets. Otherwise how could Scoop Deville, Yelawolf and Hopsin be major members of the family?! Not afraid of venturing into new territories, recently Travis made a young talented producer named Datsik, a Canadian dub step fiend, join the family.

There is more: being a punk from California, you can’t be not inspired by skateboarding so not only the veteran Felix Arguellas has been down with Famous family forever but he is in charge of the skate team. In this zone we have seen recently a couple of ams named Yariel Melendez and Diego Najera joining the squad.

I ain’t done yet: there is Twitch that rips the FMX circuit in a full Famous Style, but there are also tattooists and street artists. Once the family is happy you only want to join and now, with Famous in the hands of Nitro Distribution, this move got a lot easier for the Italian Family.

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