Fila ● Callum Long Sleeve shirt

With a perfect timing, considering that it will be available in shops shortly, here I am to give you a preview of Fila Callum Long Sleeve shirt. My connections with the brand made possible such operation thanks to the almighty T.Cha aka Renzo Cognini and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Fila is a staple in street culture and nobody can deny it. A name very prominent during the 90s, it had a minute where its proposal was lacking impact and now it is back by popular demand. With Fila the whole chunky sneakers universe has a genuine sense, considering how Disruptor style came, saw and conquered when the bulky retro silhouettes started to make the buzz.

Callum Long Sleeve is a tribute to the culture that made it the leading brand that it is today. Bright colors and bold print are not a secret for Fila that with such design expresses pure retro love. Developing the current trends with an eye on the tradition that made this brand from Biella an internationally known household name, has been the strength of Fila.

The intense color palette plays a big part, giving to the purple base of the tee a funny vibe with yellow and aloe green. You can feel the contemporary touch by how its graphics on the back plays with the logo repeating it close to the year of foundation of the brand.

Ideal in this period when good weather is approaching and you don’t want to wear a fleece, this jersey can be sealed at the bottom thanks to its elastic cord. Such useful detail can literally change the way this tee looks, according to the waist of the pants that you wear.

Think about wearing this with a sleeveless jacket: the impact of your Fila logo screenprinted on the sleeve will steal all the attention. Just be a little patient, in a short period of time this item will be delivered at all the shops that carry the Urban Line that this item is part of. In the meantime feel free to browse the official Fila website and you may end up with a bit of 90s fever yourself…

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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