Fila ● Carter tee

Fila lets us peep in its next collection one more time with this item. Just as it happened with the Settanta Track Jacket and with the Venom reissue that I posted not long ago, I am able to show you in advance in which way Fila wants to print on a t-shirt its iconic logo.

If you think that this brand of Italian origins has been founded in 1911 and its official logo survives to this very day it’s easy to say that I didn’t made an incorrect use of the world iconic. Be it for its curved lines that were ahead of their time creating an elegant logo, or for the choice of colors that pair the vitality that red evokes with the reliable feeling that comes from blue, this is a masterpiece in design.

So why not to use it as an abstract element, unstructured from its squared cage and stretched to the maximum on a white t-shirt? Here it is: the Carter tee available next Fall Winter season.

As you can see from these shots of Alessia M, 90s influence is strong with the oversized logo camping all over the t-shirt, but the current touch in design is to cut the logo alongside the sleeve stitching and it may be a detail for you but for me it makes a huge difference.

These are the kind of details that show an attention that goes beyond throwing a logo in your face. This in my book is called “style. Now if this style makes you vibe you have no other choice than wait a few more months until this tee drops at the nearest shop that carries this brand in your area. In the meantime to kill time you may browse extensively Fila website but I warn you: it’s easy to catch the 90s fever on that website (even with an anti-virus software…).
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi
*(at the end of August/mid September)

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