Fila ● City Hiking L Wmn

Call this pair of Fila sneakers Fly Irresistible Lovely Awesome if you feel like because I don’t see it any differently. We did focus on Fila not long ago with a weekly special but we did not include this style that had more than a reason to shine.

Let me introduce you to this lifestyle sneaker called City Hiking L Wmn, sent in by Fila jack of all trades Renzo Cognini. Turning into a contemporary silhouette an inspiration coming from thick trail soles of the original outdoor boots design, this style is like a urban fashion upgrade of a well known street champ: Fila Disruptor.

As any street fashionista knows, Disruptors are a way to make the most of a tight budget when a fresh pair of chunky sneakers is all you have in mind. At the same time considering that such iconic Fila style is making a huge buzz for a few seasons now, you may want to try a variation on the theme and this is where Fila City Hiking L comes into play.

Its structure shows a slimmer vamp but is quite similar: a multilayered upper with a mix of leather, eco leather and mesh, with a thick wavy midsole that is almost a platform. As a final touch you have the same D first seen on the side of the Disruptors, like it was there to confirm the tight connection among the two styles.

But the focal point of these Fila lifestyle sneakers is the outsole, just below the thick wavy EVA midsole, whose aggressive design is a declaration of power of the girl that is wearing them.

Due to its strong impact, such style is ready to be worn in two different ways, basically: as a smart female that loves to dance, enjoys street art and has at least 3 DJ friends or as a woman that blends these shoes in a high fashion outfit.

When an item is this versatile the only risk is that you may always find a good excuse to wear it, neglecting other sneakers left in your closet to collect dust.

All you need to know now is that Women section of Fila website is able to give you the same fly factor of these kicks but with many other city ready items for you to check.

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