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Fila previews were not missing this season, here at The Maxiemillion. We started with Urban Powers hoodie, then it was the turn of Oligert Half Zip Shirt together with Neritan Track Pants followed by Viivika tee. Before Fila starts to deliver in a few weeks its next Fall/Winter season, I can show you in advance this Hoyt tee.

It’s full of tees out there but what sets this one apart is the smart intuition of the designers to give an outdoor retro twist to it. It’s something that I can tee as a result of my daily observation of the evolution of streetwear: next frontier close to dad shoes and 90’s aesthetic is outdoors style. This may be a consequence of the growing alert concerning global warning, rather than the scandalous amount of plastic in our oceans that needs to be recycled asap: we need to be aware of the health of our planet and to discover every corner of it while we can.

Add to this the “out of step” vibe that is getting more and more momentum and you are there: you go to the club with a skateboard tee, you go to fashion events dressed like you are headed at the gym or at a rave so why shouldn’t you meet your friends in the city with an outdoor inspired t-shirt?

Checking these shots of Sara R you see a quite unusual t-shirt that has a patch and a screenprinted logo on the front that you find also on the back in much larger dimensions large print on the back that reveals a mountain logo. Quite accurate, if we need to evoke a scenario where we leave our laptops turned off and we let the spectacle of nature heal us from too much digital life.


Give a few more weeks of time to this t-shirt to reach your favorite shop but don’t forget that Fila store online, beside being packed with Fila sneakers, has many more interesting items (not to mention a few items with Fila outlet prices).

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