Fila ● Karli Hoody Women

Not many brands can count on an heritage even slightly comparable to Fila. First and foremost we talk about a brand that saw the light of day in 1911 but if you also add the “made in Italy” aspect, making it a pioneer of the sportswear phenomenon. I think that not many brands can claim to have a public archive of its rich history, like Fondazione Fila Museum in Biella.

Add to this the fascination of golden age rappers, that in the 90s were proud to wear Fila from New York to Tokyo, and it’s evident why I welcome this brand with open arms every time I have a chance.

This Karli Hoody (courtesy of Renzo Cognini, a supporter of this blog like no other) that I am reviewing today is a women’s item, as it’s easy to see from its wide and short cropped fit. Usually I make girls wear even men’s items but not today.

The outdoor inspired apparel trend pushed Fila to create an item with a reference to mountains. We saw this coming in 2019, when I made a post about Hoyt tee. Outdoor never had such traction in the way we dress on daily bases so this hoodie couldn’t have a better timing. Carrying on the tradition of classic sportswear, there is a retro looking band on sleeves, that can give the best results when you wear it with a vest.

With its classic Fila Box patch on the front, one of the most iconic logos of last century, it is the baby blue tone to contribute to the 90s vibe. Don’t forget that the most odd color palettes were developed during that decade, when it came to outdoor apparel.

It’s quite unusual to find claims written in Italian on Fila items but here the designer wanted to stress the origins of the brand. Around the mountains printed on the back you see “Moda nella vita sportiva” and “Opera nel mondo dello sport” that mean respectively “Fashion in sport life” and “Operates in the world of sport”.

There is a whole universe waiting for you on Fila website that you cannot miss: don’t wait any longer!

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