Fila ● Lia Track Jacket + Track Pants

I am ready to give you a first class preview. While you are all worried about what Winter jacket will you wear when if gets really cold, I prefer to let you think about next Spring. Courtesy of Grandmaster T.Cha aka Renzo Cognini, brand manager for Fila, with such post I am able to show you what the next sportswear wave will be all about.

Finally letting girls be girls, I can show you a tracksuit that belongs to SS20 Fila Women collection. What is next, you ask me? A return to the essence makes the bold logo that reigned over the 90’s fever, get closer to a cleaned up branding here, where only the outline is more than enough.

Sportswear gets a sophisticated make over, getting closer to traditional fashion. Let’s not forget that without forgetting about its origins, Fila has actual fashion shows every season, considering the newfound appeal of the brand outside the borders of sportswear.

Lia Track Jacket is short and has a relaxed fit. Made of triacetatate backside brushed 225 gsm, this item belongs to the Power Leisure section of the brand and can be worn very easily. Thanks to its level of attention to detail it is evident that Fila stepped its game up even more, providing you solutions where comfort and evolution of sportswear go hand in hand.

Check the branded laces of the hood together with the custom zipper of the hands pocket and you will realize how Fila took an extreme care of every detail of the item .

With a branding even on its back, where the F gets back its original colors, it’s easy to forecast that this track jacket will be the object of desire of many girls next spring.

Lia Track pants get along with the same formula to be the perfect complement of a tracksuit that makes other girls turn their head.


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