Fila ● Mar Cropped Pants Women

Worldwide speaking, there is a brand synonymous with Italian sportswear and that is Fila. From Biella hills in 1911 to the conquer of the world in contemporary era it has been a long journey and it couldn’t have been more exciting.

This is the brand that, after redefining how a chain of production for sportswear should be, made itself known through the image of the great tennis champions, conquered the world of hip hop in the 90s, just to come back with Disruptor sneakers, right in time for the great chunky sneakers fever.

During all these years the brand never lost touch with two staples: sport performance and being fly. There is a strong contemporary appeal of this brand that can create a bridge among urban fashion and sport better explained by this pair of Mar Cropped Pants Women.

We live life at a fast pace and this means that if you have to go to the studio for a meeting with a customer, then you may have a quick shopping session before you hit the gym, this is the right pant to do it all. Far from the standard of a pair of sweatpants, this item is cut slightly short in order to show off your best socks or your ankles like in our case.

Its lightweight mesh is a polyester blend with 12% elasthane: move all you want when the training session gets intense. At the same time the creases both in the front and in the back elevate this item up to a point that it may become a work pant but also one to wear in your leisure time, considering how comfortable it is.

Its delicate branding close to the waist is an embroidery with the official Fila colors but you can also find the name of the brand written on the zipper pull. I left this detail for last but it is absolutely not the least: such feature gives character to this item making it rise above the rest of sportswear pants. Look good everywhere you are: lose yourself browsing Fila website. In this case the only risk is to buy too many fly items that you will wear over and over…

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