Fila ● Oligert Half Zip Shirt + Neritan Track Pants

Our travel in time for what concerns Fila releases is not over. I told you last time that we gave a look to Urban Power mens hoodie that I have the chance to show you a few previews from Fall/Winter 2019. Sometimes it’s nice to wait for something until it gets available in your favorite store but most of all you get to see in advance what the future holds for us.


The combination of this Oligert Half Zip Shirt together with Neritan Track Pants gives us the perspective of the brand of Italian origins. If the above mentioned hoodie is an example of Fila sporty tech approach, these two items are an example of how classic sportswear may become influential when it’s time to create a street fashion outfit.


Close to a track jacket, Oligert Half Zip Shirt is an alternative way to dress the upper part of your body, that thanks to its premium piquet fabric will make the difference. It’s the intricate cut & sew design of its sleeves that you can see clearly in these pictures to set this top apart. With its custom zipper pull and the branding embroidered on the chest this item has all the attention to detail that you expect from a brand born in 1911.



Neritan Track Pants show a direct reference to the same cut and sew design of the half zip shirt, creating the perfect complement even if these items will be sold separately.


Do not hold back when it’s time to include these items in an outfit. Girls should wear the pants with heels for all I know, beside the more common option to wear this with a Fila chunky sneaker that may be a Disruptor, just to name one.


For what concerns men, my idea is to wear this top with a chino or any other twill pant, mixing sport and street style. You have to be in stand by mode for a couple more months before you can cop this mens ensemble worn by Elisabetta L.


While you wait feel free to indulge in compulsive online shopping on Fila website: it’s open 24/7, no need to wait for this…
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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