Fila ● Palina tee

Fila is a culture heavyweight. Close your eyes and think about your favorite brands. When were they founded? 3 years ago? Maybe 6…? Do they have a museum showcasing the whole archive like Fondazione Fila? Here we are in front of a 110 years old brand that instead of acting like a grandpa, feels like it’s just getting started…

I go back to this brand whenever it is possible. Do you remember how we made a Fila weekly special not long ago? It could not be any different considering how Renzo Cognini keeps me updated on the constant progress of the brand and this is a smashing preview to serve you hot.

Programmed to drop next Fall/Winter season, Palina tee is this Women’s item that has a great impact with a quite essential design. Based on a vision where vertical stripes become a sort of unusual color block, which girl wouldn’t love to rock such a joyful color palette?

It is a pure expression of love for life that deeply reflects the approach of the brand towards urban apparel, where you feel like standing out with a style like no other. This is why instead of putting under your eyes an XL logo on the top part, you have its outline only and… it’s positioned at the bottom. Being unpredictable is part of Fila’s plan and for this reason streetstyle shops all over the globe are carrying this brand: you never know which item from its range is ready to give a twist for better to your outfit.

Play with colors all you want when you rock this t-shirt, because an accurate matching is key to give justice to this Fila t-shirt. Blend in some earth tones to make the bright colors pop out more, but consider a pair of sneakers like these Fila Rush WMN as a way to throw in that touch of orange, for a color palette on point.

Next Winter is still far but in the meantime you can feast your eyes on Fila website. Take a minute to browse Fila Women’s or Fila Men’s sections and I bet that your cart will be full of apparel and sneakers in no time…

Shop online for Fila at this link:

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