Fila ● Rush Wmn

For the second installment of our special week about Fila we want to dive in our sneaky sneakers world. More and more sneakers flooding our streets are the result of more and more shops jumping on the bandwagon, now that it’s hot.

For many it may seem “just fashion” but for sneakers fans there is an exact science ruling this scenario.

I am not talking about ultra exclusive sneakers, here at The Maxiemillion it’s never a matter of price tags but rather of flavor. So if you see someone with holes on the side of his shoes he must be a skater, if he prefers to wear hightops he probably is a basketball fans. Lifestyle sneakers that tend to recreate a running style are the most diffused among those that wear sneakers all day.

To a point, shoes talk about you starting from their very last detail: how clean you keep them, how you rock the laces, how recent your style is and even how you wear a proper size rather than a size too big.

Fila makes shoes for those that want to look good, aware of Fila actual cultural weight, stressing how the actual heritage of a brand born in 1911 makes a huge difference, as I wrote on yesterday’s post about Tavore Hoody.

Lose yourself in this mutilayered silhouette that talks about love for original chunky sneakers, because Rush Wmn is all this. A strong color palette ready for daring matches and a leather, suede and mesh upper that goes the 90’s classic when it comes to chubby tech silhouettes: the more the merrier.

Now going back to what I wrote here above, it is a matter of flavor, proper matching is key when it comes to that tone of orange brick or ultraviolet purple. Strongly suggested for personalities that know how to express a joyful vibe vibe through their outfits.

Show’em whatcha got and that is complete awareness of what you wear, head to toe. In a couple of days we will pull the curtain on this Fila week with a velvet top courtesy of Renzo Cognini (just like these shoes) that goes beyond expectations…

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