Fila ● Talmai Long Sleeve Polo

Fila represents a major inspiration in the streets. Starting from its rey role in the sportswear industry that had everybody from Wu Tang to the Beastie Boys rocking its F box logo originated in 1973, up to the recent 90’s throwback, ain’t no stoppin’ it.

The ability to stay relevant in its field of excellence (that is sports) and the drive of progression that had Fila crossing over to street fashion, shows sign of a logic evolution that I can’t do nothing but back up.

You have seen such evolution when I showed you Women’s Lia Track Jacket + pants recently and now we venture in men’s territory with this Talmai Long Sleeve Polo. Made of the finest cotton piquet fabric, these stripes are stitched together to perfection in order to create the ultimate street garment.

You can play polo professionally or you can skateboard thinking of your 90’s heroes and there is no way to feel out of place with such timeless item. It was exactly during the 90s, when hip hop became a major inspiration as far as streetstyle, that the striped polo became an essential top that couldn’t miss from your personal wardrobe.

In that era preppy and nautical inspired apparel were dominating and Fila felt it was about time to bring such vibe back for Spring Summer 2020. Yes, you read it right: this item won’t be available until next January. Fila kindly lets you have a preview of what’s to come in its Urban Line through my blog and this makes me really happy, to say it all.

This item, as I said above, may be worn by mature fans of the brand in their leisure time rather than young hypebeasts that will find more than a way to sneak this polo into a crisp outfit, making it retro fresh. While you await for this Talmai Long Sleeve Polo to drop, you absolutely have to check Fila website: it’s here that you can have a current perspective on what’s next…

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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