Fila ● Tavore Hoody

While constant exposition to the news tends to put a little pressure on us these days, here at The Maxiemillion in order to enlight your week I thought of one of those all week long specials, focusing on an Italian classic that always finds a way to stay current. Let’s have a round of applause for Fila.

You have to go back to 1911 to truly understand what Fila meant for Italian sportswear back then, how daring was the project of an in-house design and craftsmanship company. Sport was getting its first wave of mass exposure, and this sportswear brand with its captivating F-box logo was synonimous with strong characters, champions with an attitude. Fila strive to perfection was best represented in the 70’s by a young upcoming tennis champion called Adriano Panatta.

But if you are a 90’s hip hop fan like me and supa rep Renzo Cognini that sent this item you probably recognize the value of this brand when you think of LL Cool J rocking a Fila tracksuit in the video of his smashing hit “I’m Bad” rather than Mike D from Beastie Boys wearing a Fila t-shirt in their debut in the mainstream “No sleep till Brooklyn”.

Fila holds it down for the hip hop crown even in Italy, where in 1992 among Modena and Ferrara they filmed Afrika Bambaataa “Get up and dance” video feauring Master Freez wearing a Fila t-shirt. It is a relevant brand for the culture that goes beyond the recent successful throwback of the Fila Disruptor.

Now let’s get to our women’s Tavore Hoody. It carries Fila heritage while maintaining its sport value intact, for a dynamic lifestyle where you are constantly on the move. Wear it to dance or to go to school, at the studio like… at home.

The branded band on sleeves is a classic that keeps on living in sportswear staple items. Here the white piping that divides the sleeve at the elbow gives a contemporary appeal to the visual impact, making it less strong (but more enjoyable). Get one and make it your go-to hoodie. See you tomorrow for a pair of Fila sneakers: can’t stop our Fila special!

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