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Retro sneakers, chunky silhouettes… is this wave taking over the trend of tech running shoes? Probably the research on next level sneakers doesn’t attract consumers anymore like it was used to, if you think that basically most of us wear sneakers to walk, to go to the office but not necessarily to train in the athletic sense.

Plus the retro factor is major: think of the tennis resurgence that is stronger than ever, bringing back sport heroes of the past nowadays that skateboarding is an olympic sport and it almost lost its rebel factor. Think about it: you have seen everybody and their cousins wearing skate shoes recently and this trend is starting to lose its alternative appeal.

In this scenario Fila searched its archives to find out that the Venom that first dropped in 1994 is fitting the times like a glove. Considering the success of the Disruptor that gave an affordable budget option to girls that wanted to show everyone how they knew what’s hot and what’s not, let’s say that Fila is moving with a sharp logic that I totally back up.

Dropping on May 25th, this style here in Elena S hands is the women’s colorway of the three available. Made of a mix of leather, suede and mesh the Venom is called in this way because of the design of the upper that reminds the vamp of a viper. Its foam midsole is thick so it’s safe to say that it will be a comfortable sneaker.

The F of its branding is one of the most effective logos ever designed, representing strategically vitality, vigor and passion with the red bar while the blue stands for trustworthiness and reliability.

Here you can find it on the padded tongue, on the side panel in the heel area and on the back, beside on the outsole and on the insole.

Keep calm for two more days and this Venom will eliminate all the haters of your freshness.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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