Fila ● Wahid Woven Track Jacket

It brings a smile to my face every time I see a Fila item. I don’t know what is your age but when hip hop was in his Golden Age mid 90s it was one of the most common sights among circles of aficionados. To me this brand brings back memories of Beastie Boys goofing around with a huge logo tee rather than Wu Tang Clan not only endorsing the brand in its early days but even collaborating for a limited edition capsule of boots.

In the meantime a few decades passed and through its ups and downs Fila is here to stay, evolving its original sportswear flavor into street fashion (without forgetting where it comes from). The retro appeal is strong but there is also a unique attention to current fits and the combination of the two makes new Fila items extremely interesting.

This season, just like the previous one, Renzo Cognini kept me updated with the new collection and it is nice to see that Fila maintained a sharp profile, designing street ready items. Available in September, this Wahid Woven Track Jacket is a dream come true for any inner city kid, just like for a fashionista.

Think about it as the ultimate lightweight jacket that can be worn as you like in many different environments. Be it at a sneaker convention just like commuting with your scooter, this item is ready for whatever, showing a lot of versatility. With its wide 90s fit and its color palette that blinks an eye to outdoor fashion of that same period, this jacket will be a magnet for attention everywhere you go.

A little kangaroo pocket is ready to hold your belongings while you have a zipper on the side that helps you wear this jacket with ease.

Made of cotton ripstop, Wahid is tough like workwear and destined to last wash after wash, becoming one with your lifestyle.

All you have to do now is to keep an eye on Fila Website and once this track jacket drops make sure you cop one. Unless you fall in love with another Fila track jacket in the meantime…

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