Fila ● Waist Bag Mountain

Who can ever say no to a Fila preview? Just like last time when we peeped Talmai Long Sleeve Polo I have an item to show you that will be part of next Spring Summer season. The Italian sportswear excellence that did not stop gaining momentum in the last seasons is working 360 degrees to have a complete range. Beside its sneakers, a men’s collection and a women’s collection you can also find brilliant accessories and that’s exactly what we are dealing with today.

Wear it on the hips, or like a crossbody bag there is no way to avoid wearing what is called bum bag or hip bag. It is because of the urban scenario where we dwell on daily basis that we can’t make it without this Waist Bag Mountain.

First and foremost I invite you to look closely and analize how “outdoor inspired” is this item. I mean, the elastic cord that is ready to pack the extra item that can’t fit inside is a major style feature.

But this does not mean that this hip bag is not ready for the city: both the branding on the main pocket and the above tape are reflective just like the most contemporary items of the most significant brands in streetwear.

Beside its front external pocket and the main pocket there is another in the back that may be useful for all your secrets that needs to be hidden but as you see it can also keep a set of keys.

Nothing is left to chance, as you can see, otherwise how could Fila reach such a reputation in street fashion circles? Even the back strap has a jacquard black on black branding that adds to the overall perception of this accessory.

Shall we talk about ergonomic cursors of the zippers with contrast branding? If your brand has been founded in 1911 you have to put all your experience at your service and this item gives you the picture. See you in Spring, Waist Bag Mountain, but Fila website in the meantime awaits your Christmas list now…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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