Fila ● Akio tee

If there is an aspect that is no secret about Fila is its ability to stay contemporary. From the boom box aesthetics of the 90’s to becoming an icon in retro sportswear to catwalk shows, Fila appeal on a forward thinking vision is major. It wasn’t a long time ago when I showed you Cheng Raglan Tee, that outdoor inspired raglan tee but today the graphic approach is really different.

An open perspective of the world that surrounds us took Fila to develop several styles and this Akio tee is for cardio lovers. No matter if it’s dancing or running, this tech vectorial style is for those that can’t wait again to rock this original sportswear brand at a dance festival.

Following a scheme with a small print on the front and a large one on the back, this is the crisp t-shirt to wear under a shirt or a zipper hoodie, leaving nothing showing on the front, but generating surprise when you take it off. With attention to seasonal tones (do you remember the purple and orange tones of those Rush Wmn sneakers) this Fila men’s t-shirt keeps it essential, with a retro futuristic style.

Don’t get fooled by my model: it’s a men’s tee worn by a girl but if there is a side where Fila sets high standards is in its women collections. Attention to detail makes it ready to blend in your high fashion outfits, being a legendary brand whose F-Box logo is a graphic icon itself. It is one of the keys of Fila success, that got rap fans in the 90’s crazy wearing hoodies with large branding, proud to represent Italian sportswear that they could afford.

Fila Europe developed a functional website ready to get along your lifestyle on the move. No matter if it’s training or leisure time, from a Fila Windbreaker to a Fila Waist Bag, browsing its sections you will see a lot more than you actually think.

Give a boost to your style, stick to ever evolving classic brands: they are in synch with your pace for a few years now…

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