“Fix up look sharp/don’t make me get the blitz out, get dark” (Dizzie Rascal)

I was listening to songs like Suicidal Tendencies “I shot Reagan” when I was 17. Now I just got the chance to see a live show with Theophilus London with sponsors such as Tommy Hil with American flags hangin’ all over just to make a stronger impression on the “kids of Milan”. Life keeps on changin, word to David Bowie. Things changed a lot for stars and stripes. America invented the movie industry, transformed the music industry into a multi million dollar business, developed computers in a way ahead of our time and last but not least created something like streetwear industry, a much loved entity by The Maxiemillion. The best trick that Uncle Sam has ever dropped by the way was to turn its beloved population into the best consumers ever but something in all this didn’t work. A lot of production shifted to China through the years. American manufacturers of any textile got easily forgotten along the way and, when you least expect it, this loop of design-manufacture-consume got its weak points revealed. Time for a change, that’s what Matix thought. Forget on your t-shirt skulls, Illuminati references, clueless logos and photographic prints, this time Matix has a message more important than all your smartphone texts combined in one: America can be fixed. Welcome to this serie called The Capital collection. Second installment of the saga, courtesy of local distributor Fresco Distribution, you have seen another tee that belongs to this reviewed here last September. Designed and manufactured in the United States, this is an effort to keep all that good ole money in the family. Good job, Matix. Of course America can be fixed, if we have the right tools. Didn’t duct tape fixed the shoes of our ancestors skate pioneers? Spray glue is basically what put the pictures together when skate magazines were done in a way that is not so digital like today but it may fix other objects too. But let’s not rush, the first thing to do to fix things, when you see this “Gran Torino” tee shirt with the nice red white and blue ribbon ring is to grab it and put it on the counter of your shop screamin: “Yes, America can be fixed!”. Just check that the owner of the shop is not of Chinese origins before you do so…


  1. Maxiemi££ion 9 November 2011

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