“Flashbacks to me blowin’ his brains out /all I remember’s my shirt, I couldn’t get them goddamned stains out” (Ghostface Killah)

If you’re familiar with Ghostface Killah “Walk around“, you know that the joint is about him that in a fiction scenario kills somebody. At a point, right when he is checking his sensations after this act, he is mad about blood stains that won’t come off his shirt. A shirt is not a tee, I think that this basic info is clear to you. You don’t want pasta stains on it, let alone blood stains. Dojo clthng doesn’t want stains of any kind on his shirts. This is called Nineeighty8 and from The Maxiemillion inspection, it is suitable for all your so fresh and so clean situations. Made in Italy craftmanship with the world in mind, now that’s something. This fabric is available in eight color variations and it’s a mix of cotton and elastane. How fresh is this idea? Move all you want and this tee will give you no restrictions, yet it doesn’t even compare to the look of a track jacket. Cool and confortable, it fits the model body (mine, in case you had doubts about it) in a way that makes him (me) shine like a good looking guy, ready to hit the beach or to go to a club at night, I can’t really find a limit to the wonders that this item is capable of. Far from tartan variations of average taste, this here is strong but discreet. Turquoise has a nice impact, yet the absence of contrast colors, give an impression of uniformity that even if it’s made of little squares, you almost think it’s not. What does Dojo mean, you ask? It’s a place where you “follow the way”, commonly used by Buddhist people referring to their training spots, to practice martial arts. In general it’s the place where they are able to make the connection among Zen (mind) and Ken (body). With Dojo clthng, seeing what they drop season after season, they want you to connect a hip hop/urban state of mind to a performing body. You can perform as a dj or as a graff rider, Dojo got your back. They care about the culture, I guarantee. Otherwise they wouldn’t be friend with Elaquent or Niark1, to name a couple. You can expect this company to be on point, the dojo over at Dojo clthng is in full force.

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