Flat Fitty – Bleed the Rich snapback

Who wouldn’t like to be filthy rich? We all dream of champagne and fast boats since Biggie showed us how nice the good life can be in that Hypnotize video. From the good people at Flat Fitty, here comes a cap that celebrates a wealthy life in a vision that blends fun and the need to go out of the ordinary. Laura O is wearing here the Bleed the Rich snapback. There is even an Eat the Rich cap, almost the same the same but black and not burgundy. This cap is rich for sure if we talk about its features. The sublimated print that is under the visor and in the front of the crown is well defined and the thread that has been used for the embroidery is very shiny and precious. The embroidery of the boat is the same one in three different places: front, under visor and side. The crown is the perfect contrast for a corduroy visor that comes with a little white cord to keep its style nautical influenced. This cap follows the inspiration given by a piece of headwear that you may find in those souvenirs shops at a port, where you get your last minute gear before you start your journey, probably towards an Hawaiian destination. The difference here is the message and the craftsmanship: who but Flat Fitty could tell you to eat the rich?! And again: this is no souvenir cheap cap but a first class headwear piece whose embroidery are well done and whose structure is solid. Last minute tip: wear your best smile with this piece.

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