Flat Fitty – Earn Snow snapback

Flat Fitty is synonymous with creativity. The brand that you may have heard for its Wiz Khalifa Signature Series, doesn’t know the meaning of holding back when it’s time to drop a new piece. No shape or material is safe: when it comes to a cap from this brand, anything could come into play. We have seen a lot of reviews of their headwear pieces and they were all different but with a common denominator: all killer. Look at the snapback on the head of Flavia P in these pictures. The most skilled of you may recognize a team or two in this collage of logos that form the word Earn. America is all about earning, in case you didn’t know. For the hip hop fans out there, those that wants to get that cheddar, what may be best for their dome pieces?! Money, power and respect like The Lox taught us back in the day. How is that saying? “Money Talks, bullish_t walks”. Bullsh_t caps better walk far away from this Earn Snow snapback: a 3d embroidery slightly embossed into the crown is not what you find on a average cap that the world is full of. Flat Fitty puts all the attention to details needed as you can see from the part under the visor: all red, no embroidery but a 3d logo with the almighty F logo is there to make the difference. Get all colorful and party, that’s what this cap suggests. Just one more thing: once the party time is over you don’t have to forget to earn. Stay true to your game.

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