“Stop, drop, shut ’em down open up shop/oh no, that’s how Ruff Ryders roll ” (DMX)

You probably got it after all these years: I love hip hop. That’s why I chose to include quotes from raps coming mostly from golden age. The best period with the illest MCs. But I know for sure that I’m not the only one showing love to this culture. I know I have Flat Fitty by my side. To better understand in a few words how this brand operates, their niche is formed by hip hop fans and not by field sport supporters. One thing doesn’t leave out the other, but in this way you can focus better on what we are talking about here. We kinda saw it in 2013, to confirm it in 2014: the bucket hat is officially on the comeback tip. You may blame it on Schoolboy Q, but old school cats like myself saw this kind of cap back in the day on Sen Dog from Cypress Hill and even on LL Cool J in his prime. Flat Fitty couldn’t miss this trend but, being the claim of this brand “Just better”, they thought of a reversible cap that give you two style options according to your mood. We sure knew that we can expect the next level from this brand but who could imagine this pattern? Bleached denim meets a fake perspective geometry in this F Stop Bucket that Franci C is wearing and all this happens with the good company of Army green. I told you when I showed you that Zebra Split Trucker cap, last time: this is one of the top headwear brands and now you can figure out why.

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