“Take the stand, throw my hand all on the Bible and tell lies too/I’m the ultimate” (Ghostface Killah)

Whoo Kiiid! You may have heard this name before if you are into hip hop, being this human the man in charge when it comes to drop beats for G Unit members. Beside his music activity he recently founded a brand called KRSP that collaborated with Flat Fitty to create two caps. What is sitting nicely on the head of Michela S today is the Kr$$p BeLIEve snapback, but let’s start from the top. Whoo Kid is a Brooklyn born DJ and producer involved in G Unit Records and Shady Records. At the same time he hosts Whoolywood Saturdays on Shade 45 and he has his own website called RadioPlanet.tv. Not satisfied with this, he also has his own clothing brand called KRSP (read “crisp”). Not only a snack adjective, this word stands for everything fresh, so new that it just came out of the box. Whoo Kid not only is developing his brand but he’s also involved with Flat Fitty, the friend of The Maxiemillion with a unique flavor when it comes to headwear. Our DJ is the connection among the two brands and the result is dumb nice. Black and beautiful with a touch of red, this cap is really ill. What? Do you think there are better words to define this snapback? Faux snake visor and an all black crown beside KRSP on the back and LIE on the front, in the middle of the world “believe”, embroidered in red. Just another way to remind you what Public Enemy told you since day one: don’t believe the hype (lies get mixed with the truth)!

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