“…And make you motivate, and accelerate/cause like Tony the Tiger, I’m great!” (Big Daddy Kane)

Flat Fitty, the headwear brand from Carlsbad that you learned to love through The Maxiemillion is back under the spotlight. What we have on the menu today is some heavy collaboration. This brand picks off where others leave, developing a side of headwear that doesn’t revolve around sports but rather around a hip hop lifestyle whose attitude is pretty unique. Universally known as realness, the vibe that pushes Flat Fitty made this brand team up with KRSP, Dj Whoo Kid brand. We are talking about the brand of the G Unit dj that you can know more though his website Radioplanet.tv. KR$$P Tiger is the name of this snapback that Flavia P is wearing. It’s not the first time that we bumped into a collaboration among these brands: remember that Believe snapback that I posted two months ago? This cap relies on a powerful combination that will teach your opponents a thing or two about picking an aggressive snapback. The 3d embroidery with the tiger is not so thick but perfectly defined and the visor is slightly round. The icing on the cake here is the camouflage in the upper part of the visor. Which camouflage were you expecting? Tiger camo is the answer, obviously. There is a lot of care in the craftsmanship even in the closure area on the back where you can find KRSP embroidered in orange and the custom plastic closure that you find on most Flat Fitty snapbacks. Are you ready to conquer the urban jungle with your claws now?

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