“The whole Brotherhood new verse, gutless cowards with no back/and watch how they all fall flat ” (Mark Curry)

I truly appreciate brands that wants you to join the ranks of their fans without asking you to change style. It is very easy for Flat Fitty, considering that this brand has a huge range and it is not afraid to look for the next level before others do. With this post I wanted to show you how you can have a monochrome or a multicolor piece from the same brand. Heather grey and a sick camo pattern are what you see today respectively on these Property Of and Breeze Camo, worn by Nadia R and Stefania R. I think that a cap reflects your mood of the day. Which one is yours today? Property Of is made of t-shirt fabric glued to a sort of net to give it more thickness and to keep the shape that Flat Fitty is known for. The matte little buckle with the F of the strapback closure stands out as a luxury component, making your cap special. The F embroidered under the visor is always there like in most Flat Fitty caps. Breeze Camo is something for those out there that feel matching as a challenge. Or simply for those that like to rock a colorful cap. Made of sailcloth and canvas on the front and sailcloth only in the back, it seems a brilliant idea for a light cap for your summer. It reminds me that Zebra Split Trucker that we saw here last month as far as the front of the crown. So be what you want to be and follow your mood: Flat Fitty is on your side. Pictures courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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