“Street merchant tucked in the cloud, stay splurgin’/rock a eagle head, 6-inch height was the bird” (Ghostface Killah)

To stretch the limits of what you have already seen in headwear is never a problem for Flat Fitty. This Californian brand is located in the heart of headwear innovation so, as Mobb Deep teaches, it’s survival of the fittest: only the strong survive. Not afraid to dare where other brands would not venture, this brand conceived quite a few outstanding pieces and it’s with much pleasure that I can show another sick snapback from their range. What is under our eyes today is called Purple Eagle Moon snapback. In a concept inspired by Native American culture, Flat Fitty gave life to a unique cap. Made of sailcloth in order to be kind with your head during summer months, this fabric went under a tie dye treatment of the finest quality in order to be screen printed later with feathers and dream catchers. Its white visor is made of embossed faux leather with a snake design in the upper part while under the visor is tie dyed again with the almighty F embroidered. On the back we can find the trademark plastic custom closure that we saw in other Flat Fitty snapbacks. Now my question is: can you figure out a wildest cap to wear at a party? Or you prefer to wear it when you are on holiday at your seaside resort? Wanna skate with this and make the whole skatepark jealous? One thing is sure: weak styles are not allowed here, you gotta go all out my man, because the snapback that Chloe D is wearing requires a certain attitude (not included).

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