“More lines than the Bible quoted from Jesus/more lines than a African herd of zebras” (Canibus)

It’s a metter of feeling. Call it stimulation of senses if you prefer but an item, no matter which one, gets your attention for how it smells (let’s say coffee), for its look (your favorite car) or for the feeling it gives to your touch (any cashmere pullover).

Flat Fitty knows that no other item is based on feeling more than a cap. In the case of this cap there is almost no smell but the eyes and the fingers get the best sensations here. This cap plays a visual game where stripes and geometry get along in order to give you a black and white cap like no other.

The union of these two different fabrics is what makes this cap stand out. That’s why this trucker belongs to the Luxury collection: a valuable fabric is involved.

This same striped satin fabric is also inside the crown as taping. Zebra Split Trucker Cap is the name of this piece that Lisa Z is wearing today. Not your average trucker, this to my eyes is a snapback with the back made of mesh like truckers, just to make myself clear.

Add to the above an embroidery job under the squared visor that incorporates the same satin of the crown, an eco leather Flat Fitty patch at the center of the crown and you are about to understand why this is one of the top headwear brands worldwide, filling a void where now you can find uninspired caps.

If you were wondering why Flat Fitty claim is “Just better”, now you got the picture.

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