Flexfit Headwear – Classic Snapback Aztec Camo

There are a bunch of caps around but you don’t know what to pick, am I right? Fortunately you can always come here for a friendly advice. Today I’m showing you a special cap from Flexfit Headwear called Classic snapback Atzec Camo, sent in by our people at Boma Agency.

Raffy C is no wannabe gangster, she loves cool clothing and likes to think with her own mind. She is a top student of the wonderful world called fashion design and she agreed when I asked her to wear a jacket with a contrast pattern for the shooting to overcharge her outfit with this cap. The result is mad nice. This snapback belongs to the new spring summer collection of Flexfit that we started to see last Saturday. Basically this pattern blends a tiger stripe camo with screen printed triangles and circles that drop confetti style all over. The fabric is that good ole ripstop that we saw all the time on cargo pants, here in a new version. Don’t be surprised to see a craftsmanship so fine on a Flexfit cap.

The Yupoong family tradition took them to be the hardest workers ever and as usual, hard work pays. Their brand is now the number one producer of caps in the world. This means that your favorite brand may have a custom snapback with no Flexfit logo showing but it has been crafted in the Yupoong factory. While we are at it, even small brands or shops may have their private label caps done with limited runs starting from 144 pieces. Get in touch with Boma Agency and they will explain you how.

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