“You not what the people want, they want me Santana man bandana/wrapped around his hand, got damnmit man is it him?” (Juelz Santana)

My first encounter with a bandanna was when Suicidal Tendencies dropped their first album in 1983. How could I imagine back then that this little piece of fabric would stick with me up to 2014, when I would have rocked a Flexfit Headwear snapback with a bandanna visor?!

That accessory was very hard to find here in Italy at the time. You had people rocking bandannas at hardcore punk concerts as a badge of honor. Like many other visual elements of punk got borrowed by fashion (ripped denims, leopard prints, Doc Martens boots, spikes and biker jackets, just to name a few), bandannas are the latest element of this culture to get under the spotlight.

You can use it to take the sweat out of your forehead, to hide your face like gangsters do or just to flag your gang. Harlem kids took this to the next level recently and made bandannas an ever-present piece in their Street Gothic outfits.

Flexfit is showing here today one of their fabulous Classic Snapbacks from Spring Summer 2014 called Bandanna. No visible branding make this cap here on the head of Raffy C a steaming hot piece. The plastic strap closure on the back is obviously black. It looks obscure and terribly fascinating in all its clean design.

Fortunately there is Boma Agency distributing this brand here in Italy, Slovenja and Croatia: they sent me a load of these pieces, with many different patterns and materials. The outcome is: don’t go anywhere but here and you will be stoked for sure in the near future.

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