“We drive like a trucker: through the night/for every wrong, makin’ two rights” (Common)

It was just the other day that a friend showed me this clip about two friends having some sort of “cap wars”. It made me face reality immediately: what some people think about their caps means nothing to others. I may talk to you often about my perspective on caps but there is another parallel reality: those that don’t care. Flexfit Yupoong, the brand distributed by Boma Agency, may have something appealing to them anyway. Do you see this Classic Trucker that Giada T is wearing? Its structure with the back made of mesh makes it the ideal cap to wear during summer months. If you have no intention to communicate anything through your cap but you simply need something to keep your hair in place while you drive back to your hotel after you left the beach, this is what suits your needs. But this is not the only case scenario that you can apply to this cap. If you have your own brand or rather a crew of artists or a team of players you can think about customizing this cap. Sew a patch on it, screen print it or simply put a badge on it and this cap is ready to begin a new life, representing what you love. Available in nine more color variations, the Classic Trucker that you see here in white/brown/white is a cotton, polyester and nylon blend. Don’t confuse it a with cheaper one that instead of cotton on the front of the crown has synthetic foam combined with a light fabric that puts it together. Flexfit is about quality, don’t forget.

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