“Aiyo, listen giraffe neck ni**as, I blast techs/Alejandro, came through with the Mexican Aztecs” (Sean P)

May I be frank with you? I took some inspiration from Urban Classics Facebook page this time. They are doing a good job as far as communication goes.

If you check it you can see that more than once models are dressed with clothes from this brand and caps from Flexfit so I wanted to see what could have been the outcome if I followed this guideline.

These two brands I just mentioned are distributed in Italy, Slovenja and Croatia by Boma Agency; since I’m in a good relationship with them I wanted to put myself to test and I gotta tell you that I’m really satisfied with the result.

This piece that Valentina Z is wearing is called Melange Sleeveless Zip Hoodie TB487, here in its black/red colorway. I thought that this piece would have looked amazing together with one of the best caps of Flexfit Headwear of the season: the Aztec Classic Snapback.

The contrast visor of this cap has the aesthetic of a Mexican fabric, hence the name of the item. Contrast visors are steaming hot in this season and who could have done a better job than the number one producer of caps in the world?!

The matching of these pieces is really next level and if you love streetwear, you should know that nobody beats the quality/price rate that Urban Classics can give you.

Same for Flexfit: the brand of the Yupoong family makes sure to give you an up to date cap whose design is on point with a price more than accessible. If you want to look dope at a reasonable price you got served, my friend.

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