Fool’s Gold ● Micro Logo Champion Hoodie

The world is divided into two macrogroups: those that know about Fool’s Gold and those that don’t. Guess what? Even those that think that they don’t know it, after you tell them that it’s Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisand” music label, they end up smiling, saying “Of course, I know that song”.

Fool’s Gold artists are too many to mention everyone: its roster includes from Kid Cudi to Chromeo, from Danny Brown to Flosstradamus, from Mayhem Lauren to Run The Jewels and many other names of the electro dance wave that is revolutionazing the way we think of “the next level” on the dancefloor.

Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Nick Catchdubs and grandmaster A-Trak in 2007, this label represents to the fullest my own perspective on music. It has to be enjoyable regardless of the genre and funny, bringing out a good vibe and I am 100% positive that this label succeeded in doing so.

I know that for sure because I witnessed it in front of me: I saw A-Trak DJ set twice and my perspective on how a music event should be radically changed. It’s a matter of technique, taste, blending unexpected tracks taking the crowd by surprise and most of all giving good ole lighthearted fun.

My favorites among the whole roster these days are The Brothers Macklovitch: A-Trak and his brother Dave1 from Chromeo. Their DJ sets are like a statement where no matter how famous and good you may be at DJing there is nothing like spinning at home with a brother (an actual one this time!) the music that you like, without restrictions. This means dance music of the most diverse styles with a common denominator: irresistible.

Talking of irresistible I recently browsed Fool’s Gold store section and I had an hard time picking up an item. Then I saw Micro Logo Champion Hoodie and I had a vision: me rocking a camouflage jacket (even a denim jacket or why not a perfecto) leaving it opened with this Fool’s Gold embroidery showing in all its glory. You can do better than me, by the way: wear if with your favorite sleeveless vest so even your Champion micro patch will show!

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