Forget Rubik’s cube, this one spits wicked lyrics

If you follow the cult of The Maxiemillion, you know that I’m down with Doom. Not the enemy of the Fantastic Four, the one that spits wicked raps that thought that to cover his face with a mask was a healthy idea. It seems that I’m not the only one down with him, since the people at Robeast, with the help of the people at Cubecraft, seems to be fascinated by this complex character, author of even more complex rhymes. Money can’t buy love theory finds a confirmation here. This time you don’t need much money to show your luv: a printer, a ruler (NOT Slick Rick…), a cutter and a couple of hours of your free time. Nothing else. Not even glue. Cut, cut and cut again. Fold, insert the parts inside the slits and les jeux sont faites. Cubecraft has a bunch of characters to choose from but the thing is that Doom is the only one that put a bullettin on Myspace spreading the word about his mini me paper representation. Maybe Spidey or Batman too did, now that I think of it, but I’m not “friend” with them, so I’m not aware of their bulletins. Not as exciting as his new album, but definately funnier. If you’re good at creating scenarios like Tribe was or your job is choreographer, think about winning a tee shirt over at RBST blog, sending a picture of the toy that you created “in action” or “chillin in a dope spot”. Biggie told us that sky’s the limit, but before now you never thought that this could be applied to a piece of paper cut and folded.

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