“Freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing and shelter/after this, love, peace and happiness/he had the nappiest head”(RZA)

What a cap! There is so much to say about it, so I’d better start quick. The history behind it is not complicated, so you can get along the ride pretty easily. You all know that summer is warm and winter is cold, right?! During the summer you swim and get tanned at the beach , during the winter you freeze and go to the mountains. Not to freeze you can combine layers of clothing according to what you do while on holiday in your favourite ski resort. A wealthy mum would wear an expensive fur to show off while she takes care of her kids but if you snowboard for real, you need technical clothes that maintain your body temperature as you want it, without putting restrictions to your body. But there is also the “after sport” part, when you stop at the chalet to sip a brew or two. When your friends stop by that dj booth that blasts exactely what you want to hear. At Chiesa in Valmalenco, Shelter really cares about its visitors, up to a point that they decided to give them special flavour in after sport moments. What’s better than a limited 59fifty Dog Ears produced in 400 pieces only to fit your life?! To you non-New Era addicts that never check Moveshop.it , a dog ears cap is when you have flaps that you can use to cover your ears when freezing, like when you are chillin in Valmalenco (in the slang sense, not litterally). Lots of details make this item special: under visor and back logo, classy brown fabric that makes the red part of the logo shine but the key factor is the fur. Far from the rich mum fur that we were talking about before, this one is different from classic dog ears of the same company. Remember that cuddly toy? That soft plush that made you think when you were a kid that the world is a safe and friendly place and you could have your best sleeping session with no worries? Shelter cap will bring you back to that feeling. Just don’t get caught by your girlfriend sleeping with that cap on.

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