Fresh dressed like a million bucks/Threw on the bally shoes and the fly green socks (Slick Rick)

I gotta admit: I can’t decide. Should I tell you the story of Rick Klotz, the godfather founder of Fresh Jive? Or shall I tell you about how hard it was to pick up at MoveOut a denim that Fabio L (MoveOut owner and Industrial Studio one man gang), has already bought for himself? How about simply fall in luv with this denim and tell you all the reasons that make this denim pant a superior item? Indecisons gives me time while I sit and stare at the screen. Time brings back memories. I had a long sleeve polo by Fresh Jive when I was around 26. Black with grey stripes.
I once wore it with a Fuct cap at a NYE party in Switzerland, Biel Bienne. This girl luved my style so much that she told a friend of her how she would have liked to have me as a real life puppet standing close to her cd collection. This sounded to me as a compliment. One of the weirdest ever but still a compliment. Something to remember as years pass by. Another thing I remember is that beside their “rave period”, this brand never dropped anything wack, never sold out and always kept up to date with what’s hot without losing its own identity. What I just wrote concerns in this case the famous Italian high end fashion brand that gives inspiration to more than one urban brand nowadays. Crooks & Castles and Diamond among them. It would have been easy to bite the “red and green thing”, but what these guys did is to use green as a leading stitching colour and red as a subsidiary. A subtle choice that makes the difference. By the way nothing ever happened with the girl in Switzerland. No, it wasn’t about something wrong I said that caused a mess. She was a lesbian. She just saw a toy boy in me.


  1. Move Urban Clothing 12 May 2009
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