Frisco Shop x Thunderbeard x Dickies ● Chewbecca t-shirt

If there is a thing that gets my attention is a concept. A vision out of the ordinary that excels what people expect. Sometimes concepts are hard to create, sometimes they just come along organically, like in the case of this t-shirt. When you share the same passions and your creative mind can’t wait to connect to another one on the same wavelength anything can happen.

I can imagine Frisco brothers Fede and Gian talking with Dario Thunderbeard Maggiore about Star Wars and then the brainstorming lead to the creation of this Chewbecca t-shirt. Dario is familiar with illustration and skateboarding considering that he is the man behind Filler, the little big convention that revolves around art related to skateboard and start up skate brands.

It’s the comic book style to play an important part in this design. See that little round stamp in the corner that says TB instead of DC (comics). Those are the details that make the difference to my eyes, but even the Suicidal style flipped up visor by our man is nice. Beatrice C in these pictures was a bit scared by Chewy so in order to keep things mellow she asked for the company of a little Han Solo (also on this tee).

If you missed the t-shirt from yesterday go peep it and expect another one from this same serie on The Maxiemillion tomorrow. All these designs are printed on white Dickies tees, just for the note. You can find both these items at Frisco website on its private label page. See you tomorrow (and may the force be with you…)

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