Frisco Shop x Thunderbeard x Dickies ● Tatooine tee

Jeru The Damaja would say: “Let’s continue the saga, mad mad drama” as he said in “Can’t stop the prophet” and here we are. If in the post related to the first t-shirt I presented you Frisco Shop and in the second it was the turn of the graphic artist Dario Thunderbeard Maggiore, now we have to talk a bit about the inspiration.

This Tatooine t-shirt, like the other two, took inspiration from Star Wars as it’s easy to see. Here we have a droid named C-3PO switch frontside flipping over some R2 D2s. You read it right: switch, he is regular. To make this thing look like a skate magazine cover but writing Tatooine instead, is pure genius. The birthplace of the Skywalker family, the desert planet whose name was inspired by the city of Tataouine in Tunisia during the making of the movie, gives a nice opportunity to flip it into a Thrasher logo lookalike. The thing is that we are all kids inside and these tributes bring out memories of our youth that just make us smile in appreciation.

This item worn by Beatrice C is the third Star Wars t-shirt, after I showed you Last Ride and Chewbecca tees. To celebrate all this I am letting you all know my secrets: I teamed up with Nema and we made a “making of” video of these shootings and posted it on YouTube. If I may end  all this with a sincere suggestion, remember my words: support independent skate shops. The shop at the mall will never drop a skate video like Frisco just did with Quindici

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