Frisco Shop x Thunderbeard x Dickies ● Last Ride t-shirt

If you have never paid a visit to Frisco Shop you are missing out. I have seen quite a few shops in my life but Frisco has the whole package: a wide shopping area with a tall ceiling, an infinite selection of skate shoes, streetwear for every style, snowboard hardware and apparel and of course skate decks like there was no tomorrow. Add to this friendly shop assistants that actually ride and you are starting to figure it out.

No wonder that, as the icing on top, just the other day Frisco dropped Quindici, a skateboard video with its team riders to celebrate 15 years of activity. From what I just wrote it’s easy to figure out that this shop is no joke. Inspired by the top retailers out there, Frisco goal is evident: giving the best shopping experience to demanding customers of the action sports generation.

Like it often happens in these cases, when your shop is top level you develop a private label to give more strength to your image. Browsing the online store you can find a page dedicated exclusively to these items. Today we start with the first of three back to back posts of t-shirts designed by Dario Maggiore aka Thunderbeard. Beatrice C is wearing this Last Ride t-shirt where Darth Vader is represented in action mid lien air with a catchy comics layout. Peep closely and you will see that this design is screen printed on a Dickies t-shirt.

The dark side of the Force never shredded this hard before. The meeting is tomorrow, same time, same blog for the second installment.

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