“From city to city, coast II coast/Friday night is the night they like to party the most” (Tha Alkaholiks)

Cultural leading cities and their unique vibe. A brand coming from the past with a unique heritage. Pair these concepts with a simple yet effective communication plan by Ellesse including three cities in a series of films by fashion filmaker Konstantinos Menelaou and that’s what got you entertained here: the first two. You are now in Berlin with its artsy vibe. Our homie here is Paul. He cruises the city with his skateboard, enjoys life, captures sounds, reproduces sounds in form of melodies with his guitar. All this with a colorful windbreaker on, excepts when he dives in that pool on the river. You have the impression that you have seen an Ellesse windbreaker like that before? Right, because with the help of Vittorio A aka Signorino we reviewed a Nylon Shiny jacket that has no competition. Shift your focus on Chris Miller now (no, not that Chris Miller…). He lives London to the fullest: alternative personal trainer, chef, guy
with a bycicle, parrot homeboy… And again, do you know a city where windbreakers are more useful then in London?
I don’t. You too you can live your city to the fullest and Ellesse will be always by your side, that’s what these clips say
to us. A sporty atitude open to city life. A real vintage tradition backs this up and not distressed washings of a brand that was born a couple of years ago. Let’s face it: Ellesse is tight. Ask Busta Rhymes, a New Yorker high range swagger veteran that in his latest video with Lil Twist can be seen rocking an Ellesse bubble vest. Like he knew that New York will be the third city on Ellesse Heritage map… Don’t get lost then, keep following the half tennis ball, from a field to another.

Ellesse Heritage è un brand per gente che vive un lifestyle attivo pieno di aspetti differenti. Che sia vissuto skateando Berlino e suonando la chitarra o andando in bici a Londra e facendo l’alternative personal trainer, tutto ciò è autentico. Ellesse accompagna ogni aspetto di queste vite e di molte altre con genuinità. Un termine che solo un brand con tradizione può permettersi e qui si parla di una storia lunga più di 50 anni. Ecco come vivere questo brand nei nostri giorni in un percorso che il filmaker di moda Konstantinos Menelaou rappresenta in un percorso che da Londra e Berlino si sposterà poi a settembre a New York. Nel frattempo il New Yorkese Busta Rhymes si è portato avanti e nel video di Lil Twist ci propone un bel piumino Ellesse già da subito. Troppo avanti.

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